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People sometimes ask us to place an article, design a logo, or connect them to potential partners. To all of them, we say, "First define your story. Once you do that well, everything else will become clearer. It will drive how you look, how you talk, and how you act." 

We apply this narrative-based approach with every client. And while every engagement has its own idiosyncrasies, our path to a solution often looks something like this:

Who are you? 

Through interviews and workshops, we work with you to determine the key issues and identify your organization's personality.

How are you different?

Creating a compelling strategy relies on identifying what sets you apart and shining a spotlight on it.

Find your people.

You can't tell a good story without empathizing with your audience.
We help you recognize what drives them.

Write the story. 

Sometimes we help you write a condensed story,
sometimes we sketch it out and pin it on the wall.
However we do it, it drives strategy.

Live the story.

Armed with a fleshed-out personality, we help you find and create strategic partnerships, policies, and other means
to express your values widely.

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